søndag 5. juli 2015

Stay up late and make stuff

I beat my own world record in producing art! I've never painted as much as the last 3 months, and I still need to create non stop for the next 2 weeks to get it all done.
I really haven't had the time to look properly at my finished paintings! But SOON I will sit down with a big bowl of icecream and caramel dripping sauce, (don't remind me about my IBS in cases like this!!!) and just glance over what I've been doing for the last months! 

Sneak peek 1

Countdown for my vernissage at Clarion hotel The Edge has started, 
the opening will be on saturday the 1st August!
I named my exhibition "The place in between", and the theme is dreams ,- conscious and unconscious .
There will be 5 large pieces, and 3 small. 

Sneak peek 2

 The hotel looks pretty awesome huh?

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