mandag 24. august 2015

Every commission is ...

Every commission is :
- completely different from the last one
- makes me paint something I haven't done before
- takes unexpected turns 

This fun commission is a portrait of two brothers with passion for racecars, adventure and chocolate! 
I started the first one about 6 months ago, and just as I was getting close to finish, an accident accured in my atelier. Sadly, the painting couldn't be saved. So I had to start over again.
Luckely my customer is a patient sweetheart!

But the 2nd is coming out just as funny and playful as the first, so I'm happy!

 Mmm don't u just wanna eat those mountains!?

Vrooom vroooooooooom
"Where are we going bro' !?"
"To choco valley fairground!!!"

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