fredag 23. oktober 2015

NEW Facebook Page!!

I am shutting down my old Facebook fan-page that was under the name "Susann Brox Nilsen", 
and opening av new one!

The new one is under the name "Art by Susann Brox Nilsen" and looks like this:

Let me give a tip to all you artists out there, that has a FB fan-page.
Don't touch the "Promote this site" or "Make campaign" buttons...
I'm sure you noticed that you increased in fans and likes, but the truth is that this is mostly spam and empty profiles.
I paid $$$ for this shit, and I was SO exited and happy when I reached 11 000 fans!!
But the posts seemed to not reach out! Just few people saw them (Like 10 - 15 people!) , and I had no new likes, in fact I lost several each day.
I've talked to others that experienced the same thing, and this Spam has ruined my whole site.

So I'm starting over again, and I would be thrilled to have you on board!!
xx Susi

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