tirsdag 20. september 2016

ARTBOT GALLERY..... and browncheese

SOooooooooo HAPPY to be part of Artbot Gallery in USA!!
This is A gallery that specializes in 
lowbrow art and weird stuff! (which we so desperately need back here in Norway!)

Prints, Susi-accessories and some of my originals will now be shown in this supercool gallery
in Virginia.
OH and I also sent a package with Norwegian brown cheese for Kari (yes her name is
 Norwegian, cool huh?) waiting exited to hear the reaction, lol.

Wish I could go there and check the gallery out for myself, 
would be a nice excuse to visit the states too :))
If you're into lowbrow, surrealism and weird stuff check out
Artbot gallery on FB and Instagram! 

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