lørdag 17. september 2016

Don't worry...I'm not dead..........

......I've just been too busy eating donuts...!
How are you, all lovely humans reading my blog?
I've been great, 2016 has really been a wonderful year for me! :) We bought a beautiful, cozy house on the country side, and I just finished my new colorful atelier! 2 months went without touching the paintbrush, I was like a dry spunge in the end, seriously.
Now I'm back in business and it feels super good. Sometimes a break can be good too, in this case it was. Almost like a new start! And in a new atelier!

Ooooh and we have a new family member!! 
It's one perfect word to describe her and that's sausage!

 Meet our super cute wiener Mille!!!! 

As it comes to ART it's been a million things happening!
Like this:

and this:

 You can now have pillows, totebags, purses, laptop /mobile skin and t-shirts with my art on! Ammmmaaagaaad, I know!!
Here's link if you wanna stop by and go bananaz:

Miss Wolf is my newest character, or my alter ego to more precise. 
We just started The boring and always tired,- but creative- club together. Are you in?

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