Susann Brox Nilsen, selftaught artist.
Based in Tromsø, Norway

I've been writing and drawing my whole life, everything from cartoons to fashion, 
to imaginary books.
I honestly didn't think I could paint at all. It was my mother that encouraged
me to grab the paintbrush.
I tried different styles at first, watercolors, collage and wood-ornamental, 
before I finally discovered oil paint.

What inspires me? My own dreams and life experiences, surrealism, cartoons, fairytales, graffiti, abnormal things and generally everything that breaks from reality.
I love using metaphors in my work. Eyes are a typical feature in my work. Our eyes reflects our mood, and the way we feel, and sometimes better than words.

My art is important to me in many ways. It's my odd way to communicate with the world, but also a way to express my feelings and to give me a peaceful mind.

Over the last few years I found the love for digital art aswell,
which opened a whole new world to me.

Exhibitions/group-shows and books:

1. "Kunstmaleren", Tromsø 
Separate exhibition

2. "Random Gallery", Tromsø
Exhibition together with Kristina Aakre
3. "Galleri Karl Johan"
Presentation of my work and live painting infront of audience

4.  Galleri Julie's Hage

5.  Art Fusion
 Tromsø, 21/06/10
Live painting together with several artists

6. "SurrElisme" 
 Galleri Julie's Hage
16.october - 18 december 2010

7. "Mexico Siniestro"
The Resistance Gallery, London
3. november 2011
Group show

8. "Pop Femme: Sugar coated strange"
Pop Gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico
1 - 30. june 2012
Group show

9. "Runaway circus"
Auguste Clown Gallery, Australia
24. Auguste 2012
Group show

10. "Till art do us part"
Resistance Gallery, London
1. november 2012

11. "The place in between"
Clarion The Edge, Tromsø
01.08.15 - 01.09.15

Book release: 
"Namako og tentaklene"
Bilingual children's book
Author: Rita Sørly
Illustrated by Susann Brox Nilsen